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What are you playing?

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    I’m gonna try to get into Fantasy Strike… I played for a couple of hours yesterday… went straight into some casual matches and did surprisingly well considering I just took a look at the Ryu-like dude so I could play with him.

    It’s a very interesting fighting game… SUPER easy to get into, but I’m assuming that like any other fighting game, it’s hard to master. But hey, it’s free-to-play now, so whatever… if I don’t like it, no biggie… but gotta say, so fair I’m enjoying the extreme simplicity of it that makes you rely on pure basics instead of execution.

    Also, I noticed, it’s got cross-play between pretty much every console, which is nice… and the netcode seems to be pretty frickin good, although I did get into some very laggy matches, but I was playing super late, so I probably got into matches with EU and Asian folks.

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    Halo 3: ODST.

    While the music in the Halo series in general is great, I’d forgotten how good the music in this game is.

    Really reflects the change of protagonist from galaxy saving super soldier to rookie soldier lost in a dark deserted city.

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    Like many UbiSoft games, I’ve hit the point where I’ve probably taken Far Cry 3 as far as it is going to go.  It’s started inflicting timed missions which I never respond well to.  Then there are the protect-this-fucking-moron missions. I don’t enjoy either.  There are times when it can be good, when you can actually see and tag all threats in the environment, but too often it likes to screw around with that.  And when it goes bad? It does so to an unpleasantly difficult degree.  I also find its “Easy” setting to be nothing of the kind, it’s idea of assistance a bad joke – when you have enemies hearing suppressed weapons, it’s hard to buy that they’re human.

    I’ll likely try and take the final set of Outposts on North Island, as then I can always drop into for dossing around, maybe try one of the hunting or bounty quests from time to time, but that’ll be it.

    Meanwhile, for a free game, Genshin Impact is doing pretty well for itself so far.  Is it the Zelda rip-off it is alleged to be? Well, the aesthetic style is pretty similar, but Zelda wasn’t the first to use it for Breath of the Wild.  But in how it plays? Pretty different – auto-scaling enemies, very much a focus on elemental attacks I’m far from working out.

    The trial sequences with the other party characters don’t work well if you’ve worked out how to enhance your characters, as you then get stuck with these characters you have to use but can’t power up.  Afterwards, however, you can do that and it gets far better.

    It is a very pretty game, well-designed and is very much the action JRPG it sells itself as.


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    Then there are the protect-this-fucking-moron missions.

    I think all escort missions should be called this now.

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    So, Insomniac just blew a large hole in their PS5 remaster of Spider-Man by recasting Peter Parker!

    The official reason is for ‘better face capture’, but the problem here is that element of the PS4 game was some of the best I’ve ever seen.  The other problem is a lot of people really loved the story of the game too and messing with the appearance of Parker messes with that.

    IGN had a comparison video:

    I can’t say I’m feeling it.

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    Weird. I thought the original was a great and distinctive character model. Seems odd to change it so much.

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    It’s an actual actor’s likeness too (but not the same actor that dod the voice), which makes the change even stranger and harsher. It’s the video game equivalent of Hayden Christiansen being put in ROTJ.

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    Genshin Impact

    Here’s the Too Long, Didn’t Read version: It’s shit, don’t waste your time.

    Oh, the world design is excellent, its aesthetics do make for a nice coat of paint but beneath that? A very cheap, shitty game.

    I put up with its cheap bullshit up to the first Stormterror boss fight – recommended Lv 26. Before going further – always ignore those and go in with a way, way overpowered party.  Back to the main point –  What happened then? An awful, on-rails, manual shooting of a jerky target, limited movement ability, the utter epitome of a mundane, boring boss fight.  But it was after that that the game killed itself.  Instead of using the party you are accustomed to and have powered up and equipped, you get a trial character – for who you can’t do any of that.  On top of this, the cheap bastard decided to do:

    • During what looks like a cutscene, your character will be taking damage – lots, even if you got them to Lv 40.  The trial character you have is Lv 26.
    • I did what I was supposed to – dragon falls to the floor, right on top of my character! What then happens is the character cannot move, as they are trapped in the boss’ body! – and is taking damage.
    • After putting up with that twice, I got to the last part and the boss unveils OHKO attacks! At this point I played the “fuck this game” card.

    It’s a damn shame that the game is so cheap in this way, but it’s not limited to boss fights.  You might be exploring the world, have your characters powered up, you come across a big enemy but it’s Lv20 and your party is Lv40, should be easy, right? Wrong.  If the game decides levels matters, you will kill enemies very quickly; but when it decides they don’t, you won’t and it will flip between these settings in seconds.  As a demonstration of empty leveling, this is a perfect example – there’s no sense of achievement to leveling up.  It’s collect load of crap, use that load to crap to quickly level up.  But don’t expect that upgrades to translate in the might you might expect.

    Then there is the game’s obsession with manual searching.  I have about four quests that boil down to the game saying: Go find this shit. Where is it? How the fuck should I know go find it yourself.  To which my response is: Go fuck yourself.

    It’s very, very find of teleporting enemies in.  Very find of deciding its elemental combat matters – until it doesn’t.  It loves its timed shit where it’ll do things like requiring that you take three enemies in 60 seconds, all with a barrier that will take at least 20 seconds to take.  Oh yeah, barriers – seems to be a plague in game design currently, lots of games are going for giving enemies a second health bar you have to take out and which the enemy regenerates.  Makes for very boring fights.  The cooldowns? Pretty severe.  Defence and evasion options? Fuck all.

    The Zelda comparison? Let’s talk about that.  Zelda has a parry system, this doesn’t.  Zelda’s elements matter consistently, this game is inconsistent across the board.  Zelda’s world was pretty and dense, this one is just pretty but often empty.  It can be beautifully so, but beautifully empty is still empty.

    The quests? They are all fetch quests of one kind or another, probably involving some timed shit.

    Is it possible to feel ripped off by a free-to-play game? Yes, it is.  It is an exasperating game to play as it mixes good stretches with sections of utter exasperation and cheap shit.  Combat needs both lock-on and actual defence options, not least as charging enemies have the ability to swerve and change direction while in mid-charge.  Its UI needs a major overhaul, as does its food system which will frequently say ‘this heals all members’ – it lies, it doesn’t.  If you gave someone a load of disparate game systems to combine without giving them any real understanding of how they work this is the game that would result.

    It is a shame because it has clearly had some money spent on it, I do like the world design a great deal, it’s what kept me playing.  But at the same time as there was a ‘good’ meter running, there was an ‘exasperating, cheap shit, difficulty spikes’ meter also running and it has now overtaken the ‘good’ one.  There are other games I have to play that are far better than this.  That play fair and have consistent systems and don’t lie to me.

    It is graphically fantastic but that’s all it has.

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    I’m onto the second cycle of quests in Octopath and my concerns about how the game would bring together its 8 disparate characters and plots have been both dissuaded and confirmed.

    Basically, the stories all carry on individually when you get to the next chapter. The only lip-service paid to the fact that everyone is now travelling in a large group is that while you’re doing a chapter it’ll periodically let you listen in on “travel banter” which is a short (voiceless) conversation between the chapter protagonist and a random member of your active party. They’re individualised and I guess an element of replayability would be in trying to get them all, if you were obsessive. They remind me of support conversations in Fire Emblem. Which isn’t really enough to build a party on really. It still feels like the game should have been 8 single character short stories somehow.

    Oh and the fact you can’t swap out your “main” protagonist is a big problem. Mine is about five levels higher than the rest of the party and it’s impossible to raise everyone up to meet her because I can’t leave her out. It’s also a real pain because in some instances, their presence is actually a hindrance. The boss battle in the last chapter I did was made harder by having to use Primrose because none of her weapons and abilities lined up with the vulnerabilities of the boss and my tactics. I really could have done with using someone else in her place, but she’s arbitrarily locked in, despite having no role in that chapter’s story.

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    5 Hilarious Stupid Ways To Quickly Beat Famous Games

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    I am thinking about waiting until black Friday to get the avengers game on steam.Should be less by then…

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    Don’t expect much in the way of multiplayer Al, it’s dying fast.

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    And don’t even expect it to be on sale… new games don’t often do until later… although I haven’t hear much hype about it, so it might go on sale… we’ll see…

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    Nostalgia warning for gamers of a certain age.

    I miss big boxes.

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    I used to love those big boxes. The top of my wardrobe was full of them in the 90s.

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    Anyone here play Hades? It’s Early Access on Steam and while i don’t trust EA (either one) i tested it out for an hour or so the other day and will buy it by the end of the month.

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    Well, got Far Cry Classic 3 to the endpoint – took the remaining outposts of the North Island.  Alas, if only I had known in advance what that was going to entail.

    What followed was a load of fights with the game cheating its own systems along with its superhuman psychopath pirate adversaries.  On one outpost I watched a big explosion destroy both the alarms and the comms – a few seconds later? The game decided to ignore it, the pirates miraculously regained comms and summoned reinforcements.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all, these same individuals can look at one of their sniper shot colleagues’ corpse, extract the bullet to identify it as a sniper rifle, work out the trajectory and all in the space of two seconds.  They can see the merest top of your head over a slope, can hear suppressed fire and locate by sound in seconds – these bastards are superhuman and invisible.

    I’ve never played a game where the enemies were so invisible, so immune to all the game says to use.  The idea of getting to a good vantage point and spotting all enemies is good in theory but horrible in practice.  The idea of sniping from cover and the enemies can’t find is another good theoretical idea, except in practice? Take out enemy, charger looks at corpse, charger makes a beeline for your covered position – it is that blatant, the AI is that much of a cheat.  Oh and on the last outpost? It threw in a helicopter gunship I had no ability to take out, which somehow was destroyed, I didn’t do it, first I knew is when the XP points came up.

    Finally – Brody and Vaas.  What a pair of arseholes.  Brody is just a crapwit, he’s a waste of space, probably the most unlikeable video game lead I’ve had to play.  And Vaas? Over-rated, severely over-rated.  Maybe it was different in 2012 but games have moved on.

    It did have, as a minority piece, its positive experiences.  When it didn’t make a mockery of its own systems or engage in other cheating, I could see the foundation that later games have built on.  But the bigger part of the experience? Nasty, unpleasant, difficult – far from being the fun it should have been.

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    Anyone here play Hades? It’s Early Access on Steam and while i don’t trust EA (either one) i tested it out for an hour or so the other day and will buy it by the end of the month.

    It came out off EA recently… But either way, Supergiant Games are a good company with a good track record, so you can safely go EA for them.

    Anyways, yeah I’m super interested in it… I skipped the previous SG game (Pyre I think it’s called) ’cause it didn’t look all that fun to play, but this one looks like a return to form, so yeah, I’m just waiting for a discount and I’ll definetly play it. I really liked Bastion and i LOOOOOOVED Transistor, so yeah…

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    Nex Machina

    This is a flawed, flawed game but what’s tragic is the flaws are self-inflicted and should have been easily avoided.

    At its core concept – this a twin stick run and shoot while saving the humans – that works, it works very well but it is fatally undermined by:

    • When you die you do not respawn where you were, but at the start of the level.  This applies to boss levels too.  The reason this is a problem is it’s a very busy, it’s easy to miss stuff that kills you and being put back makes for a tedious experience.  Immediate respawn at point of death would have been far better.  Have return to level as an optional setting for those that want it.
    • No saving the game at all in Arcade, but if you want to play a single world, it must be unlocked in Arcade first.  This means playing through all the levels on a graphically demanding, reflex intensive game.  Being able to save between worlds or levels would have greatly improved it.
    • The dash function is counter-intuitive and a complication too far contributing little benefit to the game.  Unfortunately, use of it is mandatory.

    Initially, none of these seem like a bog deal but once you’ve done the 20 levels of the first two worlds in succession and are midway through the third, there starts to be a physical toll on your eyes and ability to play.

    So, what should have been an excellent, accessible shooter is badly wounded by its own creators blind spots.  None of the tweaks above would hurt the game, but instead, for the sake of difficulty, they weren’t done.  I would have loved to have unlocked World 5, but by the time I got to 4-1 I was feeling wrecked.  I’ll stick with worlds 1-4 instead, though to be honest World 3 wasn’t that enjoyable, Worlds 1-2? Yeah, those I’ll go back to.

    Had I paid the full RRP of £15.99, I would feel massively ripped off due to the game design, but since I got it for £3.19 I can live with it.

    I can see where Housemarque get their reputation from, this is very good, but it could have been far, far better very easily.

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    Anyone here play Hades? It’s Early Access on Steam and while i don’t trust EA (either one) i tested it out for an hour or so the other day and will buy it by the end of the month.

    It came out off EA recently… But either way, Supergiant Games are a good company with a good track record, so you can safely go EA for them.

    Anyways, yeah I’m super interested in it… I skipped the previous SG game (Pyre I think it’s called) ’cause it didn’t look all that fun to play, but this one looks like a return to form, so yeah, I’m just waiting for a discount and I’ll definetly play it. I really liked Bastion and i LOOOOOOVED Transistor, so yeah…

    Bought it. Will try it tomorrow!

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    FC3 was one of my favourite XBOX360 games, and FC4 (on the PS4) is probably my favourite game of the few I’ve played on that platform. Loved both of them, and in both cases played them through more than once (and I still want to fire up FC4 and redo it again soon!) – FC5 was a massive disappointment in comparison, but that hasn’t stopped me buying FC: New Dawn today (it’s downloading now). The only downsides to FC4 are the hallucination side-quests, that I actually find scary and disturbing. My problems with FC5 are that the outposts (the best parts of 3 and 4) are much less interesting, the enemies in general are less challenging, and the radio towers are gone (they even joke about them at the start) – I liked the radio towers as a mechanism to unlock the map!

    I kinda had to force myself to return to Red Dead 2 – I’m at just under 60% of the story at this point, and hope to slog through the rest over the coming weeks. It’s not not fun, but it’s not consistently fun. The cutscenes are too long and too frequent for one thing, or just massive stretches where you ride your horse to a location while members of your gang tell you what’s happening (so a quasi-cutscene). It’s probably just my OCD but the way the game prevents you from looting every fallen enemy after/during big battles is annoying.

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    To be honest, if Far Cry 5’s outposts have mortal enemies, as opposed to their superhuman, cheating AI hivemind predecessors, I might find that far better.

    To my surprise, despite the enemies being superhuman in alert mode but hugely dumb when sneaked up on, along with animals without pain receptors and an aim assist that works only when it goddamn wants to, I somehow finished Act One of Far Cry 4.

    Aim is to get as many radio towers as possible, nab an outpost or two and deliver Amina’s corpse to Pagan Min.

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    To be honest, if Far Cry 5’s outposts have mortal enemies

    Yeah, they’re mortal – it’s almost too easy. You needn’t bother with stealth; go in guns blazing and take them out (whereas in 3 and 4) it was for me both more fun and easier to stealth kill at least some of the guards. The soundtrack in 5 is good though, and the game looks really nice.

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    How do stealth kill an outpost staffed with guys that have 100m plus 360-degree eagle vision, ability to hear and instantly locate suppressed weapons fire and always know your cover spot even when they can’t see you?  Because that’s been my experience in both 3 and 4 when trying to snipe an outpost.  Oh and there’s always a couple of enemies that you can’t tag too, always.

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    How do stealth kill an outpost staffed with guys that have 100m plus 360-degree eagle vision, ability to hear and instantly locate suppressed weapons fire and always know your cover spot even when they can’t see you?  Because that’s been my experience in both 3 and 4 when trying to snipe an outpost.  Oh and there’s always a couple of enemies that you can’t tag too, always.

    I don’t know what’s been going wrong, but that’s not been my experience; loved the outposts in 3 and 4, with only a few proving very challenging.

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    Well, nice to know elsewhere they’re more flawed.

    Changing tack – to no one’s surprise Genshin Impact‘s hellishly addictive gameplay proved too damn addictive so have got to the end of the current main game content.

    Overall? The Gacha system remains incredibly dubious to me, but it may be changing to be slightly less dubious – don’t think I’ll ever really like it.

    The bigger problem is the sheer level of grind that came in from the Adventure Rank 25 mark, along with some very crappy quest design – often involving timed challenges, with enemies able to create barriers that, even with the right element hit, take too damn long to take down.  There’s one challenge that requires you to take out three shielded Abyss Mages in 90 seconds.  Even if you have the dexterity to switch to the right characters, the auto-targeting will likely fuck it up for you – and if it doesn’t, the camera certainly will.  It’s also going for rendering things more difficult than they have to be on elite enemies and rank raise quests.  This doesn’t do anything for the game.

    The biggest problem is, once you are in the Phase 2 level of character XP and weapons, the material and money costs go through the roof.  Coupled with the lack of content at the sane time – it’s pretty much daily quests and challenges repeated many times, you don’t want to do that?  There’s nothing else, too bad – and it makes for a boring, empty game.

    Still, it’ll take about 50 hours to get to this point and they are adding content in the future.  I’m just not sure I’ll be able to access it though, found some of the late game quests more difficult than I would like and the game does some very cheap crap of top of that.  It was helped by working out that what they called ‘dash’ was actually ‘dodge’, but there’s been so many times that the game sabotages that via camera angle or obstruction of, or just plain cheats, it’s not the solution you might think.  A lock-on would help as the auto-targeting is very dumb and can easily wreck any strategy you have by not letting you attack the enemy you want to take out first – frequently the mages.

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    OK, for Far Cry 4, I have now taken 10 bell towers and acquired some sweet, sweet weaponry, that I’ve added high power sights and suppressors.  Hopefully, this’ll make taking the outposts easier.

    Stuff I enjoyed tonight was the grapple and the verticality, in one spot rappelled up a waterfall! Also took the Gyrocopter out, which was very cool.  Definitely less enemy activity in occupied zones compared to its predecessor, was able to traverse a good amount of ground without huge firefights.

    Game does have its fucked up side – use a grenade on a bear? You get a damaged skin. But if you use a molotov to roast it alive? Perfectly fine.  That feels so very, very  wrong.

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    I’m about 40 hours into Octopath Traveler now and I’m only just over halfway into the game. I think that number’s skewed a bit by a long stretch where I didn’t know about the game’s fast travel though. I also didn’t find the unlockable second class system until just now either. You have to go find shrines for each job (8 regular ones and then there are 4 more later on for special classes, with bosses you have to beat) and while the game does put a symbol for them on your minimap, it doesn’t tell you what they are or really encourage you to go find them. They’re all in areas with high level monsters where I originally sped through to get to the next town safely. I’ve only just been able to make my way through them to get the shrines, but I feel like the game expected me to do all this earlier. Still, given the way skills are unlocked (through Job Points awarded in battle) there’s no disadvantage to getting to it relatively late, it means you can just unlock a tonne of skills in your new secondary class straight away with all the JP you’ve not been spending.

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    Well, that didn’t last long – I’m now back to not caring about Far Cry 4.

    Took one outpost, that was OK, went to do another and lo, the return of the superhuman terminators.  I was shooting from behind rocks, crouched, at distance, with a suppressed sniper rifle.  They still managed to hear and locate the sound.  Then, when I was shooting with a clear line of sight ion the enemy, the game conspired to have every round hit the invisible forcefield emanating from the ground.  It then followed up this insult by calling in reinforcements, with a mortar that can magically fire five rounds instantly wherever you are, without them seeing you.

    So eventually legged it around, got in the building, shot some more, then again, they magically heard suppressed fire and, this time, added in precision grenade throwing.  Just about managed to kill them but combined with numerous wildlife ambushes by wolves, honey badgers and tigers, I’m left with no enthusiasm to want to play the game further.  It’s design is so goddamn awful in these respects that I don’t want to play, isn’t that excellent work?  Hell, a wolf pack managed to be immune to a fucking molotov!

    What frustrates most is I’m playing on what is supposed to be easy, but it’s nothing of the kind.

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    What platform is this on? It’s such a wildly different experience to mine (on PS4); I’m pretty sure I played on easy too. This has me even more keen to fire it up again – maybe on the weekend just to see what of it lines up with what you’re saying.

    I’ve been progressing with RDR2, and am still at just over 60% of the story; it’s slow going, but as a very story driven game I suppose that’s necessary (the balance is not quite as good as with the similarly story-driven GTA4/5); I tend to prefer more arcade action (a la Far Cry 4). A plus it has over the FarCry games though is multiple save file slots – FC has only one; disgraceful. And it’s a lot faster to load than Hitman which is the other game I have on the boil.

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    I’m planning on starting fresh with a whole stack of games I never finished, once I get my PS5 and have access to a working disc drive again.

    RDR2 will be among them, and also Horizon Zero Dawn and God Of War (all started but abandoned) and Doom Eternal, which I never had time to get into before my PS4 broke. Plus I need to finish Maneater!

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    And Maneater is a PS5 launch title.

    As to Far Cry 4, I don’t get why, on “easy”, they made the enemy so smart – and the aim assist so damn variable, everything is so mobile aim assist is needed, at least for me.  Not a fan of the random psycho wildlife either.

    The world is well designed, I want to enjoy it but there’s a lot of stuff getting in the way of that.

    The best feature that allows you to appreciate the world design is autodrive, that mostly works well.

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    And Maneater is a PS5 launch title.

    With a free upgrade if you have the PS4 version! :rose:

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    Avatar Ben
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    On Steam, I checked the Wishlist option so they will email me if there is a price drop on the Avengers game.
    More than likely I will still have to wait till Black Friday.

    Not that I am cheap. I feel with some things you get what you pay for. In this game though, I am a little apprehensive about shelling out $60 for it right now.

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    PS5 UI is looking very smart.

    There’s a 30-second vid doing the rounds showing the difference on loading the SSD makes on PS5 Miles Morales vs PS4 Spiderman – the PS5 is uncannily fast.

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    This is the Steam cover picture for Hades. I’m getting some fairly strong Jae Lee vibes from it. Isn’t this… eerily familiar?


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    Not that I am cheap

    If you are I am too. That’s my entire MO with Steam, I wishlist games and wait for the email to tell me it’s got a deep discount in a sale.

    I do get localised prices that help too but I’m more than happy to wait, there are loads of good games I still haven’t started I picked up very cheap. I generally pay less now for games than I did in 1983.

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    Yeah, games are available for a lot less now. It’s quite amazing what can be got for very little or even for free.

  • #40876

    Yup, I also wishlist them… I don’t get emails ’cause I check the wishlist more often than my email, but yeah I also wait for heavy discounts… I only pay full price for games I’m REALLY excited about (like SOR4) and then only if they have decent regional prices, if not fuck them (like Doom Eternal).

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    So I came across this game for your phone called Demolish!.

    You lob energy balls at buildings to demolish them. They fewer the balls needed, the better.

    That’s it. Nothing else. No scoreboards or side missions. You’re just destroying buildings. You can earn more powerful energy balls or even laser beams. It is just that simple.

    I’m finding it immensely cathartic.

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    Managed to achieve an exit strategy on Far Cry 4 – Took the easy outposts, got all the crafting to 3 of 4 stages, have Karma level 6, which gave me access to the Shredder.

    Now that? That is a gun.  In this game there are rhinos and they are psycho fucks.  Rhino doesn’t like your car? It’s getting whacked.  Rhino doesn’t like you? You’re getting hammered. Unless…. Unless you have the Shredder.  If you have it, you unload a clip into a rhino and it tears through the motherfucker like you wouldn’t believe.  And then the rhino falls over dead.  It is a superb gun, well worth the time to get.

    The problem? The problem is the game keeps wanting to cheat.  So, yes you can disable alarms by shooting the panel but good luck having a clear line of shot on it.  Tag all the targets from afar from a good vantage perch? Often there won’t be one.  Even if you spot a hunter, the fucks can go invisible.  I ended up looking at a medium outpost and then going ‘nah, too much work’.

    Then there are the outpost attacks where the game warps in bad guys from 360 degrees, in what makes for a chaotic mess that isn’t fun to play.  But even the frequency and scale of these attacks pale compared to the wildlife.  You might save some hostages from being killed by the Army, good job, right? Well, no, because often immediately after that, a wolf or dhole pack or tiger or bear will show up and attack your saved hostage.  So you kill the, everyone’s safe, right? No, because a second wave of psycho wildlife will swarm in and finish what the first one started.  In the space of five minutes there will numerous corpses everywhere.  Nor was this weird, layering limited to wildlife – take out a truck of enemies in the road, then there’s a Royal Truck or Pagan’s Wrath convoy or courier, you take them, another enemy truck turns up – in a very short space of time the entire area resembles a post apocalyptic hellhole of burnt out vehicles and fire everywhere.  Less would have been more here.

    I’m also convinced that Ubisoft did something to the digital copy to render it buggy as fuck.  For going up? Grapple points work.  For going down? 50-50 chance of it spawning the input.  You’re on a roof, no one has line of sight on you, those dudes on the ground that have just rocked up? They can see you – through solid objects! Like the layering, these just break the spell of the game.

    Still, it was less than a tenner and I got just over 20 hours out of it.

    Started on Destiny 2.

    At first, I thought I’d booted up the first game – it looks so similar.  Fortunately, it plays a whole lot better.  The guns work well but what I’d really forgotten about was the ludicrously overpowered melee strike.  I never use that in most FPS games becames most FPS games wreck the sense of distance on it – you have to get so close it’s useless and it’s too easy to think you are in range for it when you’re not.  But on this game? It’s fucking fantastic – the amount of enemies I’ve taken by punching them in the head is off the scale.

    Unfortunately, after that it devolved fast into a confusing mess of badly signposted and badly explained systems.  Often I would be wondering why I need to add the waypoint for navigation when I’ve already set a quest to tracked, or why there is both a Map and Destination headings.  Eventually, I worked it out but it was way harder than it should have been.  Got to Earth, did some quests – can’t say the direction indicator works that well for me and some of the Patrol missions were so unclear in their location I abandoned them.  I then tried an adventure the game swore was suitable for me, got all the way to the end and found it an impossible wave fight that couldn’t be abandoned!  Afterwards, I found out there is indeed a hierarchy to these missions and the one I tried was actually about five times too high for my current set-up!  So, encouraged by that I tried the ones that were suitable for me and had far more success.

    Also managed to do the Enhance set of quests and unlock Titan, got to the first tier of power, on second Season Rank, whatever that means and started modding gear.  Having slugged through that, I can see why this gameplay has been so successful and so mimicked – it is very effective.  It wouldn’t work without the gunplay being as good as it is, hell, I’m pulling off some sweet shots and, even more rarely, throwing grenades with some degree of accuracy, which never happens.  On one fight, I had this big, gold, barrier enemy, clearing thinking he’s bad arse, pulled out the bazooka – shot him in the face with it, that was that!  Pulling out the heavy weapons does feel suitably heavy and they can really fuck up strong enemies.

    The one mechanic I really don’t like, that I don’t think contributes anything positive to the game is the respawn restricting.  It’s not helped by the sheer artifice in how the game applies it and that first, bad experience didn’t help.  That said, on subsequent, more suitable activities it’s been manageable.

    The game’s best card is the environment and enemy design – like with the Helgast, the Fallen have that high visibility that, most of the time, prevents you being totally ambushed.  The environments of the EDZ and Titan are very well put together, the future aesthetic fits and feels right.  I could see myself easily just dropping in on either to just play around on a general killspree and see what I nab from the rolls of the dice.

    Currently don’t have a mic, so will give the multiplayer a go proper when I (if I) have the PS5, as that will solve that issue.

  • #40953

    Another instalment in the “Does it run Doom?” playlist. This time, a herd of Minecraft sheep.

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  • #40960

    Soon, IBM will play doom on gold atoms and then it will all be over.

  • #41014

    I’m also convinced that Ubisoft did something to the digital copy to render it buggy as fuck.

    Maybe that’s it – I’m baffled at your experience of what is one of my top ever games.

  • #41015

    Well, I think there is one required element here – excellent and high speed 3d spatial perception and response, with fine coordination to match.

    Mine? Pretty impaired, which is wy I always want assists and get annoyed when those are applied inconsistently. Meanwhile, others are doing fine lining up headshot after headshot on highly mobile enemies.

  • #41052

    I’ve finished everyone’s third chapters on Octopath. The game’s concentric circle map layout cheats a bit by having all the second and third chapter share the same ring of towns, but the final (I assume) fourth chapters are on another ring. Hidden amongst the paths to these are some more shrines with jobs you can dual class with, the difference being that these aren’t jobs you can main in and that instead of just walking in and unlocking them, you have to beat a side boss. I found and tried one this evening and holy shit!

    So the last of the chapter 3s had a danger level of 40. The path to the town on the next ring is danger level 45 and the shrine itself is danger level 50. My party are mostly low 40s, though my “protagonist” is 51 or so, so I thought I’d be maybe ok. I was handling the random encounters ok, I figured the boss would be a long haul but doable.

    Until I faced it. It has 197,000 hp! To put that in context, the last boss I faced had 48,000 hp and my party are all around 2,500 – 3,000. I didn’t, it turned out, have a great party mix for its weaknesses, but I managed to get it down to half-health, with the use of a lot of items. It kept locking off some of its vulnerabilities, which really didn’t help, but once I got it down to half, those opened up. I thought that’d make it easier going, but instead it unveiled a range of new attacks and completely mullered my party from full health in two attacks. Two!

    I’m thinking these extra shrines might be intended for post-game, but I hope not, as it’d make the new classes rather redundant.

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  • #41054

    Hades is a wonderful game. It keeps changing the game up as you progress, so even though I’m well over 12 hours in, I keep getting new stuff (and meet new enemies) when embarking on the first levels.

  • #41153

    Over in Destiny 2, it’s very much a case of the Good, the Bad and the Awesome:

    The Good: I’m pulling off some ludicrously sweet moves in this, including some gracefully arcing grenade throws that end with an actual multi-kill – not used to using grenades accurately. The energy weapons also really help in terms of locating enemies, as it’s a more visual indicator. Practically finished on Titan today, have gone to Nessus after a bad trip to Io (see below). Also have Mercury unlocked, with Mars next. As to the final bit of Enemy of my Enemy quest? I have a name for my pain and it is Exploder Shanks. Were it not for the sheer amount of enemy spawn, the final Servitor fight would have been far, far better.

    The Bad: It would be nice if the game reminded you of the order you’re supposed to visit the planet – I accidentally skipped Nessus – instead of simply sticking a boss that is immune to all damage at the end of a quest. Such it was with Savathun’s Witness, after I’d just about managed to take out a load of Taken. Very annoying, but I’ll probably get some vengeance on the bastard later.

    The Awesome: Started the Red War legacy campaign. The one very confusing thing was how to launch it, turns out to be the same technique used on Destinations but on the Map and it doesn’t signpost to it, but once it <b>was</b> started? Holy hell, it was almost a perfect opening level. Its only stumbling point was the turbines bit, they really couldn’t have put a ‘shoot here’ indicator or three? But everything else? It was a perfect demonstration of what the AAA gaming industry should always be delivering – incredible visuals, excellent soundtrack, killer atmosphere, a suitably epic feel. It had that great sense of momentum, immersion and a sense of impact, of things mattering – and it’s a 4-year old game too. Above all, it was all put together with a great sense of smart design – fight through and evac the city, take on the command ship – it is one hell of an opener. After that? Well, the next level had no chance of topping it. The walk-while-injured bit contributed nothing that a cutscene wouldn’t and how come being kicked off a ledge magically removed all my ammo? But it was funny running around, punching out War Beasts. Wasn’t a fan of the jump-here-but-you-can’t-make-it bit. Yet, despite the level being lesser, it still looked amazing and I really liked the soundtrack.  Finally, being bossed around by Lance Reddick is never not going to sound cool.

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