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No, really! It’s actually coming out.

Out in the US on Friday, and doing that odd thing in UK cinemas where it’s playing Sat/Sun/Mon, even though it’s official release isn’t until the next weekend.

Tenet is taking up 80% of the screenings in my local cinema (showing 23 times tomorrow), so New Mutants isn’t getting much play this weekend at least. I’ll probably check it out though.

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    What Happened to The New Mutants?

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    This was much better than I expected, given everything. Not great, but not close to being in the bottom five X-movies. That probably says more about the franchise though. I’m glad it was at least trying something different, and it was far better than Apocalypse or Dark Phoenix. And only 90 minutes!

    Anya Taylor-Joy is a delight, and should get the chance to play more superheroes and supervillains. The Lockheed thing didn’t really work for me, but it was mostly worth the payoff.

    The accents in this movie are a lot. Charlie Heaton as Sam is especially rough.

    Was this originally supposed to be set in the early ’00s? There are a lot of indicators (the fashion, Buffy S4 DVDs on a CRT TV, Roberto seemed to have an old digital camera, the line about Dani being called Pocahontas a lot in fifth grade), but then near the end, Reyes just has an iPad.

    Yet another almost reveal of Mr. Sinister. How many did the franchise get to in total?

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