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Would 4 people who played in an SFL before create a team. post it in this thread. I would like to show newcomers how it works before we run a full scale tournament. You only need 3 players. Only rule is no GOD level players like any Superman analogue or Morrison type Batmen.

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    Team Authority!


    The Engineer

    Jenny Sparks


    I would’ve argued for Midnighter but since it’s a test run it’s no biggie, and I kinda like the idea of an all-female team.

    Representation! Diversity! Violence!

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    Team Marvel

    Captain Marvel – Mar-vell

    Captain Marvel – Monica Rambeau

    Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers

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    The Team of Change!


    Chameleon Boy!

    Elongated Man!

    Will graciously withdraw this team if you get four more sensible ones :-)

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    Looks like we didn’t generate enough interest. could a mod close this at their convenience. Sorry to anyone who wanted to play.

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