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So if anyone has been paying attention, Newsarama recently moved to GamesRadar and this is after it became as ‘corporate’ as CBR.
More ads, more pop-ups, more annoying.

And since I keep the solicit thread going, they were one of the good ones for multiple companies beyond the Top Three.
Now, they don’t do that, unless it’s underneath that “we’d like to send you notifications” thingie that pops up.

Honestly I didn’t get a computer until late August 2001.
Found the Authority board and from all those cool guys a lot of cool sites.
Newsarama had it all, and was go-to.
So sad what has happened to it.

The pluses of those sites is lots of people work for them and they can push the content.
The bad is those ads that hamper viewing on your phone, and loading time, and more.
Y’know, maybe I don’t want a video to start playing.

Our friend Ben & others have brought this up.
I figure we can share, and be honest about what they do good, and what is ‘not so good’
Also if they can be pic-heavy, or whatever may affect your loading time

Comic News, Interviews, Solicitations (I need this, plus clicking from a phone vs. home PC)
Movies, Genre, Cool stuff, and what you want us to know (unless personal agenda, but I’m not worried).

This can be for (almost) everything. It’s only one post, so don’t be shy.
Just give fair warning if it may go into the sexy, or other boundary-pushing.

And honestly shouldn’t be for Jerry to brag about his car purchases.

Just watch how many links you put in per post.
Think we can go to 10, so staying away from that lets say five.

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    Good idea for a thread Sean.

    What I find with both CBR and GamesRadar is that there is so much ad-crap on them – ads, images, autoplay videos – all the rubbish overloads the site.

    In contrast Continuum have a good balance – yeah, some ads down the side and on the bottom, but it loads easily.

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    I’ll be honest, I don’t visit comics news sites anymore unless it’s a link I see here or on a Facebook friend’s page.

    CBR has been crap since Jonah took the money and ran.

    Newsarama lost a lot during their first corporate sale years ago and I haven’t visited regularly since.

    Bleeding Cool… HAHAHAHAHAHA

    I think a lot has to do with the changes in my buying habits over the last 10+ years. I buy a fraction of what I used to. I basically just look at the latest Previews and if something looks interesting, I’ll preorder it.

    It may be just me but outside of a major news event (Didio fired or the Ellis scandal), there really hasn’t been a lot of attention-grabbing news stories overall about the comics themselves in the last several years. And many times, big stories get covered at general entertainment news sites. While I keep up with the industry in a very broad sense, I really don’t hit the news sites like I used to years ago. As I said, my habits have changed so comic news aren’t that important to me anymore.

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    The same is true for me Todd. It’s a shame as CBR used to be a fairly decent place to go for news and reviews, before it was turned inside out and became a clickbait machine. Newsarama is borderline unreadable now and BleedingCool seems to be mostly irrelevant stuff that’s nothing to do with comics.

    I rely on this place and my (very limited) use of social media to keep up with new developments. Which means I am sometimes surprised by stuff, like seeing that Black Magick is back from next week, which I hadn’t heard about until now.

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    Yes for me now I get recommendations here. My ‘Carrier’ Twitter handle only follows comics stuff so news appears there. It has been years since I visited a comic website homepage to browse although I will follow links from here or Twitter if something looks interesting. Ad blockers make sites like CBR readable but they don’t eradicate the clickbait.

    As to interviews – the places now are all audio/video. Word Balloon is always good (and since John Siuntres got laid off from his radio job during lockdown the frequency is upped a lot). Ed Piskor’s Kayfabe Comics interviews on Youtube are very good. They are very nerdy and detailed which reminds me of the Comics Journal back in the day but without any of the mean-spirited snobbishness of Gary Groth.

    (The Chris Claremont one is very funny, the hosts basically say nothing much more than ‘hello’ and he just goes off for 2 hours, it reminds me of the Richard Herring interview with Brian Blessed).


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    It’s not super great as a news source or a discussion forum as it’s mostly self-promoting fanart and circlejerking, but I use reddits r/comicbooks for a fix a couple of times a week.

    Edited to add: also these:


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    For trades news I’ve found Near Mint Condition – YouTube channel.

    They’ve had news of, in the last 24hrs of – Immortal Hulk OHC3, Slott FF OHC, Zdarsky Daredevil OHC, Empyre omnibus, Slott Iron Man omnibus, reprint of X-Men Inferno omnibus.

    Also are good on picking up on DC’s dimension shenanigans – like how the upcoming Man of Steel HC is not oversized.  Plus covering non Big Two stuff.

    Gem Mint are good but guess who they get their news from? Near Mint Condition

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    Bleeding Cool… HAHAHAHAHAHA

    that is basically the ONLY site I check a few times a week now.  And ICv2 as well….

    Ever since I started my own newssite (comicsforsinners) I just felt like the other sites were more about DC and Marvel then anything else and well… I kinda stopped following those soapopera’s.

    And then last year I started publishing my own books… so less and less time to even go around and check out the news!

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